Jun 28

firm, one of the main reasons for success is our business model we adapted from the beginning. We chose to be a consulting/outsourcing firm.

We realized early on that most company managers needing IT support were skeptical about having to ask sales executives for advice. Rather than basing the company on a sales force, K & A concentrated on consulting and addressing our clients' needs. We basically sell our time just like any other professional organization.

One other unique side of our firm is the vertical markets we follow. In IT business, knowing IT is just the beginning. An IT consulting/outsourcing company needs to understand its client’s businesses. Otherwise, it cannot be effective. Considering the vast amount of expertise available in our firm, we have chosen to concentrate on law and medical firms. We do have clients from other business categories who were sent to us by our existing clients. Limiting our focus allows us to follow the business trends and technologies involved in our client’s businesses. This unique approach allows us to be more effective

May 07
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